Earth Angel Fall House Concert Tour

AUGUST 25, 2016 by merryellenkirk

Hello, lovely ducklings.
I’m so excited to be heading out on a house concert tour all across the eastern half of the U.S. this September & October! I’ll be traveling and playing shows with my favorite fairy-earth-princess-singer-songwriter-harpist, Ruth Acuff on the Earth Angel Tour and we’ll be playing in listening spaces, living rooms, and backyards for the next two months.

Many of our hosts are open to new friends attending but don’t want to post their addresses publicly.

We do still have a couple of openings in our calendar if you are interested in hosting a concert & happen to live (or know someone who lives) in New England, Dallas/Ft. Worth area, Knoxville area, or Florida.

Thanks so much for listening & can’t wait to see you soon!
Merry Ellen.