New Music Video for “Ever After”

OCTOBER 4, 2015 by merryellenkirk

Hi! I’m sitting in a coffee shop in Denver & thought I’d write you an email.

It’s been an amazing couple of weeks on tour playing concerts in your living rooms & listening rooms all across the midwest & northwest! Just had an amazing weekend at Durango Songwriters Expo, where I met lots of talented songwriters & got really inspired to keep making new music.

In case you haven’t seen it yet – the new music video for “Ever After” released a few days ago! My husband & I filmed this last summer on our little handheld video camera while we were up in the northwest to play at a festival & visit family in the area. After lots of work & hours editing the footage, I got to finally release this while in the northwest once again on tour! Special thanks to Canadian music magazine Exclaim! for premiering it & to everyone who has been sharing & spreading the word.

A little behind-the-scenes story:
When we were filming this at Lincoln Park in Seattle, there was a kids’ camp happening behind us. There were a bunch of kids yelling “oh my gosh it’s a princess!!” while we filmed on the beach, and then later “Look!! The princess!! She’s going into the water! She’s getting her dress wet!!!”

After getting very cold in the Puget Sound & getting the dress thoroughly ripped to shreds & covered in seaweed & fish-smells, I changed into a sweatshirt & leggings to warm up….but the kids weren’t fooled by the disguise. I saw a couple of the camper girls a few minutes later…they didn’t think I could hear them but they were pointing and whispering to each other “She’s the princess!”

I said “Yes I am the princess, AND YOU are princesses too!” They seemed unsure about it for a minute & then decided that they agreed.

If you haven’t yet, you can pre-order the new album “We Are the Dreamers” here:
Stay in touch & hope to see you soon!
Merry Ellen.