November News!

NOVEMBER 11, 2013 by merryellenkirk

Happy November! Hope you had a fun & safe Halloween (if you celebrate!)

October was a fun month for my music – lots of radio shows, interviews, blog features & the like. You can find links for those on my Facebook music page, or I’ve consolidated them on my Patronism site as well.

In November, I’ll be playing my last big show up here in Fairbanks, Alaska, then moving back south to a quaint little town called Columbia, MO (just west of St. Louis.)

I need your help with a few things!

{VOTE on Artistsignal- In September you got me to #9, in October you got me to #5, let’s win this in November! The #1 winner gets $10,000 to support their music, which would mean lots of new music, videos, & the like from me. You can vote EVERY HOUR and every vote counts toward rewards from me for voting! All you have to do is link your Facebook account & click vote:}

{share- In case you missed it, last newsletter I announced that all three of my solo albums are going to be available for free or whatever-price-you-wish forever, on either Noisetrade or Bandcamp (just type 0 if you want it free). Plus, if you want a physical copy of anything, you can order it from my Bandcamp store for as little as $2 (literally the cost to print it) plus shipping. I need your help to spread the word! Share it on Facebook, tweet it on Twitter, blog about it (or tell your blogger friends) – let’s get this music out to the world!}

{become a patron- Patronism is a backstage access to everything I ever record, past, present, future, for (again) whatever you wish to pay each month. It’s a great way to support me as an artist, while gaining access to exclusive content from me: new demos of songs I am currently working on, unreleased songs, alternate versions, & a lot of my earliest work, as well as exclusive blogs & videos. These things are available only to patrons! Check it out & find out more here:}
Thank you so, so much for your support! You are amazing.


Merry Ellen


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