“Save Me” Remix | “Amber & Gold” | Hear it First

JULY 30, 2017 by merryellenkirk

So much new music to tell you about! 

1. The new remix of “Save Me” (which you may have caught recently on the season finale of Fox’s “APB”) released this week to Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, and all those other places you listen to music. Thanks to beatmaster Wes White for putting the magic touch on this one. 
2. The debut EP for AMBER & GOLD, my new throwback folk-pop duo project with GoldFord, releases this Tuesday, August 1. Follow along on Instagram & Facebook to keep track of this and future projects from us! 

3. So many other new songs I’ve been writing and working that I can’t wait to share with you all soon. If you want to be the first to hear new music I’m working on, check out the Bandcamp Backstage portal. 
Love you guys. Thanks so much for listening.
Merry Ellen