We Are the Dreamers + House Concert Tour This Summer

APRIL 21, 2015 by merryellenkirk

Hey loves!
Lots has happened since we last spoke. Thanks to your generous support, the new album “WE ARE THE DREAMERS” will release late this summer! I can’t wait for you to hear it, so pledgers will get early access as soon as it’s done in a few weeks (along with your other rewards & all of the behind-the-scenes updates I’ve been posting!)

I’ve been working with an amazing local photographer & artist, Amber Nichole Thiessen, who has been helping me put my album artwork together – I just posted the inside scoop on how the album artwork has been coming to life on the Pledge campaign yesterday! So yes, if you’ve been meaning to pledge & haven’t yet, you still can:

When we hit our next goal of 110% I’ll release the first single “EVER AFTER” early to pledgers, & when we hit 125% I’ll early release the NEW MUSIC VIDEO I’ve been working on for “EVER AFTER” too! Can’t wait for you to hear/see it.

ALSO!! I am putting together a HOUSE CONCERT TOUR this summer & would love to play a concert in your living room/back yard for you & your friends (it would be free of charge to you). Just reply to this email if you’re interested! I hope to tour most of the US this summer, and if I get enough volunteers in Europe, I may put together a European tour as well! Right now I’m specifically looking to fill a few dates for MAY in Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Kansas, (& possibly southern Wyoming or Nebraska, north Texas, or northwest Arkansas). You don’t have to have a big fancy house, only good people to fill it with – sometimes local parks or neighborhood clubhouses work well too if you don’t think you have enough space!

Stay in touch & hope to see you soon,
Merry Ellen.